AiaaS (Artificial Intelligence As Service)

We use Artificial Intelligence to simplify cybersecurity operations, thereby
saving time and reducing cost by 30%.

To simplify cybersecurity operations by saving time and reducing cost by 30%

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About Us

Truusec is a cybersecurity firm that employs deep learning techniques. Our technology can predict future occurrences before they happen, so organizations will be well-prepared to put the necessary controls in place. With superior artificial intelligence to guard, prevent, and detect malware.

The Threats

Cybersecurity professionals often find themselves playing catch up with these threats, which are frequently a step ahead. Since network security solutions that use artificial intelligence don’t rely on signatures, they can spot zero-day attacks.

Our Solutions

Our Service Offerings

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Advance level of protection

You can keep safe from viruses, hackers, and spies anywhere with powerful virus protection and the Truusec WiFi Security VPN.

Artificial Intelligence

Truusec security solutions use clever next-generation technologies to prevent viruses, ransomware, and other threats from infecting your computer.

Phishing Attack Prevention

With Truusec, you can surf the web with confidence, knowing that you’re safe from bogus websites that try to defraud you or steal your personal information.

We Are Agile

Long scan times and large upgrades that slowed your machine to a halt are no longer an issue. Truusec protection scans and updates in real time, so you don’t have to worry about it

Identity Protection

Identity protection is critical in today’s age of big cyberattacks and identity theft. Our privacy and identity shields help protect your personal information.

Multi-Device Support

Truusec has solutions for all major device platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops running Windows, Mac®, Android, iOS*, and ChromeOS

Endpoint Protection

Protection that is both comprehensive and fast. You don’t have to pick between performance and protection. Quickly install endpoint security that has no negative impact on end-user productivity.


Automate cybersecurity checks to cut certification or recertification time in half.Streamline audit and compliance activities for many products using the same platform.
Repurpose previous work to help you comply with new frameworks faster.

Professional services

Our Services team provides hands-on assistance to set up your account with the essentials that allow you to keep communicating with your customers.


As a data company, we understand the importance of keeping your company’s data secure. Rest assured, your information is always protected.

Making email trackers worthless, limiting reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.

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