Truusec is a DevSecOps collaboration framework that adds security practices to the software development and delivery process. The combination of automation and AI detect all vulnerabilities to deliver application security that enables DevSecOps teams to release software quickly and securely, reducing costs by 30%.

About Us

Truusec is a cybersecurity firm that employs deep learning techniques. Our technology can predict future occurrences before they happen, so organizations will be well-prepared to put the necessary controls in place. With superior artificial intelligence to guard, prevent, and detect vulnerabilities. If you're a developer, your workflow is probably as follows: Design, Code Review, and Testing/Quality Assurance CI/CD Issue identification Remediation Investigation While there are numerous excellent technologies that facilitate development, the post-deployment process of discovery, inquiry, and remediation remains uncomfortable, complex, frustrating, and time-consuming.

The Threats

Cybersecurity professionals often find themselves playing catch up with these threats, which are frequently a step ahead. Since security solutions that use artificial intelligence don’t rely on signatures, they can spot zero-day attacks.

Our Solutions

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SaaS Security Monitoring

SaaS application security risk assessment and management platform that continuously examines and maintains the security posture of SaaS applications. SSPM tools are designed to make it easier for a security administrator to gain visibility into application configurations, understand how configurations translate into security posture , and verify that applications are configured in accordance with best practices.

Artificial Intelligence

Traditional test automation introduces bottlenecks that might drag your release cycles to a halt as the world becomes more nimble. Truusec combines natural language processing, deep-learning ML models, and other AI-based technologies to enable your team to develop faster, break-free tests that run at scale in the cloud.

Secure development

Truusec bridges the divide between developers and security. Truusec interfaces with developer tools and workflows to continuously discover and fix vulnerabilities, allowing you to ensure security at scale without sacrificing momentum, but rather save time and reduce cost.

SD-WAN Security

Truusec SD-WAN is fully integrated with cloud-delivered security, which provides protection against security blind spots and cyber threats. It is the most convenient way to provide protection to consumers wherever they access the internet and cloud-based applications. It is powered by artificial intelligence to increase threat intelligence.

Secure Access Service Edge

The pandemic has posed a barrier to enterprises in providing safe, dependable connectivity and communications to remote branch locations, owing to the inverted network perimeter economics. Artificial intelligence (AI) augmented WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services have been shown to boost your company’s growth in the face of adversity.

Saving time and cost

Indeed, the emphasis on improving security through code extends beyond the lines of code to everything the code touches, from tech stack configurations in containers and firewalls to access protocols and redundancies. While a number of point solutions have emerged to address the challenges of application security, having too many tools and people has resulted in organizations being inundated with data while missing meaningful information.

Detailed tracing

Trace transactions to establish a link between 10-second page loads and slow API calls or database queries.


Automate cybersecurity checks to cut certification or recertification time in half.Streamline audit and compliance activities for many products using the same platform.
Repurpose previous work to help you comply with new frameworks faster.

Developers' choice

If you’re a developer, your workflow is probably as follows: Design Code Review Testing/Quality Assurance CI/CD Identification of an issue Investigation Remediation.

Compliance As Code

With “Complaince as Code” in DevOps, the production environment is never retained, it is always torn down and re-created again. There is a strong requirement to test the updated/newly created environment after it has been set up. Organizations need to apply compliance controls to their IT infrastructure to abide by industry best practices.

Making trackers worthless, limiting reconnaissance and intelligence gathering with our Artificial Intelligence powered environment.